Hello friends! Welcome to Spoonful Story. I made this blog to share all the tasty places I’ve been to and eaten at. I’m currently a college student so I am definitely always on a budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat great food 🙂 I love going on food adventures especially when they are spontaneous and I am always down to try something new. From sweet desserts to savory cuisine, it’s always an exciting trip for my taste buds. Discovering new eats with friends is what I love doing. Life is too short to not eat great food so don’t be afraid of trying something new! Whatever you discover could be your new favorite thing. Whether I’m eating in NorCal or down in SoCal, there are always delicious bites I can choose from. Take the opportunity to find new munchies! There are so many eateries, especially around the Bay Area, just waiting to be discovered so why not make breakfast, lunch, and dinner an adventure!! Remember, Adventure Awaits and it’s Served Right on Your Plate~