Dumpling Empire

Hello beautiful people! It’s our favorite day of the week: Friday!! Got any plans for tonight or for this weekend? I’m preparing to go back to school which starts in less than two weeks. Wow. Summer, please rewind and start all over again please! I’m on Pinterest right now looking for inspiration on desk organization because, like a true college student, organization doesn’t exist in our world 🙂 I’m finding a lot of cute ideas so this weekend and some of next week will be dedicated to buying some desk storage and DIY projects!

All this organization talk is making me hungry! For today’s post, it’s dedicated to fluffy, warm, delicious DUMPLINGS! I’m talking about all kinds like soup dumplings, meaty dumplings, and even veggie dumplings. I love saying the word ‘dumpling’ because it just rolls off the tongue and has a nice ring to it!


Now I did make a post about just soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung, so check it out! Here’s another picture of soup dumplings but it’s at a different restaurant! It’s a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant called Dumpling Empire and it’s located in South San Francisco. They serve many varieties of dumplings ranging from pork, beef, chicken, and even lamb! They offer vegetarian and seafood dumplings as well so they have something for everyone. Of course, they also offer noodles, soups, and rice plates so you can have a great entree with your fluffy dumplings. Whenever I go here, the dumplings are usually the entree itself because it’s just as filling!

As you can tell by the name, they specialize in delicious dumplings. Even though it’s a small business, they get a lot of foot traffic! It gets crowded there especially on weekends so make sure you plan accordingly if you plan to go there! They do takeout as well so if it’s too crowded or if you just want to enjoy this great food at home, you have that option.

The cute pinched fluffy wonders in the photo are soup dumplings, aka Xiao Long Bao. They are literally filled with a soup broth and a meat filling. Check out my Din Tai Fung post on how I eat them to get maximum flavor! This dish is what Dumpling Empire is popular for and I usually get a couple orders to satisfy my craving. I also get the pork dumpling with cabbage and another with chives. On the side, my family likes to order the green onion pancake. It’s a thin, flakey, crispy sensation with just the right amount of green onion. Highly recommend!

Here’s their website: http://dumplingempire.localon.com/

Getting hungry? I hope you are! Now I’m craving some soup dumplings to warm me up since it’s a bit chilly here in San Francisco. Treat yourself to some too! You know you deserve it 🙂 *This post was not sponsored!*


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