Salt & Straw

Hello friends! How are we all doing today? It’s foggy and bit chilly here in San Francisco but there’s just something about this gloomy weather that I love. It’s the perfect weather for being outdoors and indoors so whatever plans you have can be versatile without having the stress of needing a back-up plan. I took a nice long walk this morning and explored other neighborhoods that I’ve only driven past so it was nice to take some time and venture around a whole area that’s been here since my childhood.

Speaking of gloomy weather, I’ve said before that ice cream is a wonderful treat to be enjoyed no matter what the weather is outside. It can never be too hot or too cold to give your inner child a tasty dessert that is guaranteed to make you happy. Ice cream is just that one dessert that kids ages 1 to 101 never fail to enjoy.

Yesterday, in typical Bay Area-style weather, I went out for delicious creamy ice cream with my family. The sun was out and shining and everyone walked around wearing short-sleeves and caps. The catch? It was very windy, of course. But that didn’t stop us! My family and I decided that ice cream was the perfect dessert to end our Korean BBQ lunch! We went to Salt & Straw, which is a Portland, Oregon-based ice creamery. I also went to one of their Los Angeles locations so check out their other locations if you’re in SoCal!

Salt & Straw has very unique flavors and the delicious combinations are endless! They have different limited edition flavors that they change up every month too so make sure to try them! Of course, they have set menus items as well and the coolest aspect of this creamery is that some of their flavors are based off local favorites. This means you won’t find a flavor from Portland in San Francisco.

This beautiful scoop of ice cream is called Carrot Cake Batter & Hazelnut Praline. This is one of their featured limited edition flavors for the month of August. Fortunately, all their locations serve this one and I see why! Each bite is filled with the taste of cinnamon and pumpkin with chunks of crunchy sweet hazelnuts. It tastes just like Fall! If you stop by Salt & Straw during August, you have got to try this flavor!! It was like love and happiness in each scoopful. I got two scoops of ice cream and my second flavor at the bottom was Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache. This flavor also seems to be on the menu of every location, which is great! The almonds were sliced so you get a nice crispy piece in each bite and the ice cream itself was a delicious nutty sensation. The Salted Ganache really lived up to its name! Each gooey bite was salty. A bit too salty for my taste as I enjoy very light salt in my desserts. But if you enjoy having that 1:1 ratio of salt and sweet, this flavor is perfect!

Hopefully my tastebuds will be even more refined the next time I go so that I will able to properly enjoy the Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, along with other flavor combinations. The Carrot Cake Batter & Hazelnut Praline was truly a wondrous treat on its own and I’m hoping they make it a seasonal flavor all throughout the Fall season! I cannot even begin to describe its deliciousness. You HAVE to treat yourself to some deliciously sweet and creamy ice cream!!

This shop is absolutely adorable. They sell small pints of ice cream and merchandise as well so you take your love of Salt & Straw everywhere you go!! I will definitely buy one of their pints…maybe two or three…the next time I’m there!

Here’s their website:¬†

Salt & Straw is truly an amazing dessert experience you must try! *This post was not sponsored!*


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