Deep-Fried Sushi

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! How are your weekends so far? My weekend has been very relaxing and chill. I hung out with my best friend of sevenย years yesterday! It will be eight in September ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to get some delicious ramen for dinner since it’s very chilly in San Francisco. We have foggy, overcast, and misty summers here so it was a perfect choice to warm up with miso and tonkatsu ramen! If you’re looking for a winter weather during the summer, come to the city! Guaranteed you will be able to wear boots and a jacket if you come here!

Speaking of Japanese cuisine, today’s post is dedicated to DEEP-FRIED SUSHI. Take a sushi roll, cover it in a light batter, and deep-fry it to crispy golden perfection until the center is steaming hot. Deep-frying sushi can be done with either cooked or raw fish. Depending on where the raw fish is placed, the hot temperature can fully cook it. If it’s a nigiri (raw fish on top) the oil might end up cooking it, but if it’s in the middle, it has the possibility of staying raw considering it’s protected by a layer of rice and seaweed. It’s very delicious and the change in texture is a refreshing experience!


Looking at this picture makes me crave this yummy dish again! This is the deep-fried California roll in all it’s glory and I ordered this at Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill. They have a couple of locations and I went to the one in San Jose. This roll is made just like an ordinary California roll: fresh avocado, shredded crabmeat, and rolled into seaweed with the sushi rice on the outside. After it’s been deep-fried, it’s drizzled with thick and sweet soy sauce.

This item can actually be found at most sushi bars and restaurants so be sure to check their menu to see if it’s offered. Because this roll is deep-fried, I find that it makes you full faster and longer because of the batter and oil but trust me when I say it’s totally worth it. Of course, sushi is supposed to be a healthy food because of the fish, rice, and vegetable combination. This one would probably not be in that category! It’s definitely something you should treat yourself to but not too often ๐Ÿ™‚

Deep-fried sushi is a lovely indulgence. It’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dip it into regular soy sauce mixed with wasabi and you have yourself a wonderfully savory Japanese fried treat!

Check out their website:

If you haven’t eaten deep-fried sushi of all varieties, grab some friends and family and head to a Japanese restaurant that serves it! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ *This post was not sponsored!*


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