Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Hello friends! It is finally Friday! Any of you have any plans for tonight or for this weekend? I plan on staying in tonight and watching a scary movie with my parents. For tomorrow, I am really excited because I will be making some delicious and juicy pork ribs and baked potatoes on the side. I’ve been spending this entire morning walking around my neighborhood and doing some cardio so that I can enjoy the food tomorrow. Who doesn’t get excited about food?!

Speaking of food excitement, how many of you have tried liquid nitrogen ice cream? It is truly an awesome experience to tell all your friends and family about. It’s also very fun to watch the foggy mixture cover scoops of ice cream. I know, I know. This sounds like a chemistry experiment…AND YOU ARE RIGHT! You can make homemade ice cream using a ziplock bag but I suggest not making liquid nitrogen ice cream at home because, well, it is exactly like an experiment.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream has been popular for a couple of years now because of how cool it looks when you eat it. The smoke accumulated from the dessert goes into your mouth and you can blow it out, creating a “dragon’s breath” effect, which is what this dessert used to be known as. Liquid nitrogen is a method of flash-freezing the ice cream so that it becomes cold in a matter of seconds. Traditional ice cream takes a few minutes, sometimes hours, to be completely solid so it’s a cool (literally!) concept to be able to use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. This method also allows the ice cream to be creamier and more dense because no ice particles cover the surface and the cream does not need to be frozen for a long period of time. Plus! It makes for awesome pictures/ videos to show off your new dragon breath super power 🙂


Now I know there’s no smoke on this ice cream BUT there was a little bit when they handed it to me! Promise! I went to Creamistry located in Palo Alto. They have several locations so check out their website to see if there’s one near you! Of course, there are other liquid nitrogen ice cream places so you just have to look 🙂 Creamistry serves traditional ice cream flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio but it also offers matcha green tea, taro, and tiramisu! Their extensive menu goes on and on. They even have cereal as a flavor and not just a topping! Speaking of toppings, they have those too! A HUGE list might I add!

What I ordered was the Thai Tea ice cream with real strawberries as a topping. This was so creamy and thick with each scoopful. It was a magical experience in every bite and I could really taste the tea-infused flavor. Even though it didn’t have the smoke to create the awesome breathy effect, it was very amazing to see how it all went down behind their glass windows.

The picture below was a screenshot from one of my videos so I apologize for the quality! BUT LOOK AT THE FOGGY AWESOMENESS. The smoke would accumulate so much behind the window that it would seep through underneath and cool our legs while we waited in line! I have never seen anything like it and it was like watching a peaceful waterfall made of fog just covering the counter.

Screenshot_20170804-160005 (1)

If you haven’t gotten the chance to experience this wonderful dessert phenomenon, I hope you get to very soon! It is truly a jaw-dropping sight to see and the kid in you would be so amused and grateful that this was something you got to experience during your lifetime 🙂

Here’s their website:

Now go and get yourself some liquid nitrogen ice cream and have a very cool treat! *This post was not sponsored!*


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