Rolled Ice Cream

Hello friends! It’s the middle of the week so you’re halfway there! I went around San Francisco and pretended to be a tourist in my own city 🙂 I was hanging out with my friend who’s from San Jose and showed him around! Have you guys ever pretended to be a tourist in your own city/ town just for the fun of it? It’s nice to see the city in a different perspective other than just being a place where you live.

It was super windy yesterday and even foggy in some areas but in San Jose, it was hot and sunny and even reached in the high 90s! Two opposite ends of the weather spectrum going on the Bay Area. I thought today’s post could be dedicated to a treat that’s always delicious whether it’s hot or cold outside: ICE CREAM. But not just any ice cream! I’m sure most of you have seen the new ice cream hype on social media of it being ‘rolled’ and served. This is a method that originated in Thailand and slowly trickled its way into the US. I am so glad it did!


This beauty is from a rolled ice cream shop called Icicles located in San Jose in the Willow Glen area. The concept of rolled ice cream is very cool to watch. It starts with a huge steel plate that sort of resembles an extra-large pizza pie pan. The plate is tempered at an extremely low level, which needs to be frozen enough to solidify the ice cream. Liquid cream is poured onto the plate along with toppings and mixed and chopped together with metal scrapers. They get combined while simultaneously being smoothed down to a flat and thin square. The ice cream then gets rolled by the metal scrapers into cylinders. Tongs are used to pick up these cylinders and place them into the ice cream containers. Voila! It’s so fun to watch!

What I ordered when I went to Icicles was one of their special monthly orders! Of course, they have a set menu but if you want to try something new, they have a special creation each month so that you can always have a different adventure whenever you go 🙂

My ‘special’ order consisted of crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate pieces blended into the cream. You can pick your own toppings so I chose sliced bananas, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, and…wait for it…A ROASTED MARSHMALLOW!! What’s really unique about this place that they offer the option of putting that gooey topping with your ice cream. It’s placed on a pretzel stick and roasted with a kitchen lighter right in front of you! It’s very popular and I highly recommend that being one of your toppings! This was one of the best ice cream creations I have ever eaten. Oh my goodness I am daydreaming about it right now! It tasted like heavenly Ferrero Rocher chocolate but in frozen creamy form. I hope this could be one of their regular menu items because I guarantee that would definitely be my usual!

Every rolled ice cream creation is made to order so it’s always fresh whenever you come in! Get your rolled ice cream soon so you don’t miss out any longer!! It really lives up to it’s hype and it’s very cute to eat. You also get to tell people who haven’t tasted it yet that you ate ice cream in a cylindrical shape! Who wouldn’t want to experience that?!

Here’s their website:

*This post was not sponsored!*


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