Soft Tofu Stew

Hello friends! Well here we are again: Monday. Our favorite day of the work week. I hope your week started off well though! Keep pushing through and you’ll make it to Friday! One tip I try to follow through with is to do something exciting for yourself at least every other day, if not every day, to help you look forward to the week. It doesn’t have to be huge, of course. It can be something simple and small. What works for me is that I cook/ buy my favorite food at the end of the week paired with a great scary movie. This makes me super excited going through each day because as it reaches Friday, I am closer to getting an awesome treat! Try this tip and let me know what gets you through the week 🙂

Speaking of favorite food, today’s post is dedicated to one of my favorite comforts. It’s a traditional Korean dish called SOONDUBU JJIGAE a.k.a. Soft Tofu Stew. ‘Soon’ means soft, ‘dubu’ means tofu, and ‘jjigae’ means stew in Korean. This dish is cooked in the same stone pot that it’s served in so it’s still boiling and bubbly when it gets to your table.

Okay I know this isn’t the most appealing picture BUT trust me, it is so delicious. I love eating soondubu jjigae whether it’s hot or cold outside but of course, it’s more comforting to eat when the weather is gloomy and cold. This will surely warm you up in no time!

I went to a little hole in the wall Korean restaurant called Mom’s Tofu House. It’s located in the downtown area of South San Francisco. It’s very cozy inside as they only fit around 50 people but waiting for their food is completely worth it. What I ordered was their Kimchi Soondubu Jjigae. Of course, these jjigaes come in different varieties and you can pick your spice level. Since I got the kimchi, the lowest level was medium since kimchi is slightly spicy. It had large pieces of soft tofu, little bits of meat, and kimchi.


What I love about Korean restaurants is that you get free side dishes (banchan) with your main dish. Mom’s Tofu House offers their banchan buffet-style so you can just get up and serve yourself instead of waiting for your server to get it for you. I prefer this method because sometimes, the servers forget to give you your side dishes or forget to give you a refill when you ask, which I know they do not mean to but this buffet-style is more time efficient.

Now, when you order the jjigae, you get a raw egg to put in it. Don’t freak out though! This is totally normal and completely safe. When your jjigae arrives, it is boiling hot. So hot that you shouldn’t even think about touching the stone pot. Since it’s still boiling in the pot, it’s hot enough to cook your egg which is why they give it to you raw at your table instead of doing it in the kitchen. This ensures that your egg is at its freshest and you can watch it cook right in front of you! I like to mix my yolk into the soup so that I can get some egg in every bite. It’s delicious and a very cool concept!

It takes a bit of time until the jjigae cools off though and most of the time, you’re pretty much trying to blow away the steam. It’s still boiling hot up until the last bite, which is what I love about the stone pot. It keeps your food at a warming temperature for a long time so that you won’t have to deal with cold soup halfway through your meal.

This is truly one of my favorite comfort foods because it is so warming to the soul and it’s very hearty and packed with healthy protein. Of course, I am definitely a meat lover but tofu stew hits the spot just as much and it doesn’t make me feel groggy afterwards. If you haven’t gotten to try this wonderful Korean dish, get yourself to a Korean restaurant right away! It’s so delicious and I hope you will get hooked on it just as much as me!

Here’s their Yelp page:

*This post was not sponsored!*


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